Farming wit Pigs in South Africa

Pig Farming in South Africa

Welcome to our dedicated website to Pig in Farming in South Africa. You will find everything you need to start farming with pigs including what breed to farm with to make the most out of your business. Pig farming is trending right now due to the lockdown as many people are looking for an alternative income stream and there is no better way than backyard, free range or intensive pig farming.

10 Useful topics that will improve your pig farming business in SA

  • How to start a Pig Farming Business
  • Nutrition for Pigs
  • Type of diseases
  • Building a Pig House
  • Should you farm with Free Range or Intensive Pig Farming
  • Best way to sell your Pigs in South Africa
  • Saving cost on Pig Feed
  • Learn from mistakes when farming with pigs
  • How many pig breeds are there and what is the best to farm with in SA
  • How to setup a Pig Farming Business Plan
Pig Farming in South Africa

Is it profitable to farm with pigs in South Africa?

If you are fortunate to rent or own land you can a make a decent living with pigs as selling pigs is easy all over South Africa. You can sell directly from you farm or to abattoirs. Selling directly from your farm is more profitable and building an client relationship can improve your sales and trust as clients can get to choose what they want to buy.

Do you need to be skilled to farm with pigs?

The answer is yes and no. If you are a beginner farmer you should do a lot of research before jumping into this type of business. It is advisable to rent an experienced hand that can help you in the beginning to avoid costly mistakes. Learn as you carry on but don’t be afraid to ask questions. Pig farming is not a difficult business as long as you keep to the basic rules such as clean drinking water, the proper feed, a good pig pen to protect them from the cold and hygiene.

You can learn almost everything you need to know on our website and whats-more you can join our Forum or Facebook page to ask farming members questions on how to improve your pig farming business.

When you start to farm with pigs you will quickly gain your own skills as you start to understand what is required and how to manage your pig farm from weaners to fully grown pigs.

Pig Farming in South Africa

What is the biggest Mistakes New Pig Farmers make.

As a new pig farmer you will probably make some mistakes that will end up costing you money. Pig Farming South Africa has a lot of tips and advise that can help avoid costly mistakes when you are starting out as a new farmer.

The most common mistake new pig farmers make is to give pigs scraps from Fruit and Vegetables stores and assume that it is sufficient enough but soon realizes that the pigs are not growing and becomes skinny. Feed is generally the biggest challenge as it is expensive and at times hard to get. New pig farmers often get bins of food from stores like Fruit and Veg or Food Lovers Market. This is actually good, but you can not grow your pigs on that alone. Vegetable has high minerals but low protein. Pigs need protein and a lot of it. You need to give pigs more wheat, barley and corn than vegetables.

Another big mistake that new farmers make is to believe the myth that free range pigs or caged pigs living in pens without cement floors does not need iron. Pigs do need iron and make sure that you give them a shot before they are six weeks old. If you ignore injecting your pigs with iron you will end up with hairy unbalanced and even sick pigs.

As a general rule of thumb, healthy pigs has curly tails and peaky ears. If your pigs tail start to straiten and the ears are flat against their heads you need to give that pig attention fast. Read more on pig management and diseases on this website.

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  1. Am entering into the pig farming and am based in Limpopo close Makhado or Louistrichat and want to know about the possible market there or any other buyers in the province

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