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Pig Farming Avoid Mistakes by following this guide

The most well-known type of pig cultivating in South Africa is escalated cultivating. When in doubt pig ranchers start little and develop their pig business excessively quick. The burden is that numerous ranchers don’t design appropriately for a major scale pig business and frequently do exclude promoting systems and taking care of cost, however manufacture a piggery on expectations and dreams. The outcomes are destroying and most ranchers neglect to prevail in the pig cultivating industry. Pig Farming Avoid Mistakes by following this guide

Pig farming sa - Pig Farming Avoid Mistakes by following this guide

Farming with pigs on small scale

Sow’s can create 28 piglets for each year. Having a few sows as a little scope pig rancher is entirely reasonable and beneficial. Taking care of 3 sows and developing

84 piglets during a time is a little ranchers dream. You can sell 7 pigs for each month and make a fair benefit. Feeds are anything but difficult to get and offering modest quantities to abattoirs or legitimately to the general population is possible on the off chance that you take in thought that you can move pigs with a little truck and trailer.

Purchasing feed at your nearby stores or from assembling organizations in South Africa is very costly. You have to have a technique set up to keep your food cost down, particularly when cultivating with pigs. Cultivating South Africa has techniques on this site to continue taking care of cost low. On the off chance that you have land use it, perused this article to perceive how we keep our taking care of cost low We will distribute a natively constructed formula for pig feed soon so buy in to remain refreshed.

To build benefit, little scope ranchers butcher pigs at an abattoir and offer meat to neighbors and companions at sensible costs. Remember that you your pigs need ear labels or tattoo marks when you take them to an abattoir. At the point when you move live pigs to an abattoir or to a purchaser, you will require an exchange grant. The South African law around licenses isn’t unreasonably exacting and you can make your own by using this example. You can download a transport here

  • Name of farm and town where the pigs are being collected
  • Name of abattoir or buyers address where pigs will be dropped off
  • Driver name, number and I.D.
  • Owner name, number and I.D
  • Contact details of both the driver and the owner
  • Vehicle Registration and Trailer Registration
  • Identification of ear tag or tattoo must be noted on the transfer permit

There are some laws around selling and supplying meat in South Africa and to be safe follow these simple rules.

  • Get your pigs slaughtered at a accredited abattoir
  • Transfer the carcasses in a truck with a refrigerated cooler box
  • When transferring meat wear protective clothing, gloves and hair nets.
  • Processed meat needs to be in approved meat trays when you transfer it to butcheries.
  • Make sure that you have your paper work in order.

There are a few laws around selling and providing meat in South Africa and to be protected keep these basic principles.

Making arrangements for Large Scale Pig Farming in South Africa

At the point when it’s an ideal opportunity to overhaul or jumping straight into huge scope pig cultivating South Africa you have to painstakingly design the accompanying.


Huge organizations will gather your pigs on your homestead. They arrange costs or give you market related costs. At the point when you are providing establishment organizations with pork, you ought to comprehend that you are selling mass and will return a low overall revenue.

The potential gain is that you will consistently have a business market and whenever arranged accurately you can even now transform your business into a huge endeavor.

You can construct your own abattoir that follows the Department of Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries laws of South Africa and we firmly recommend that you visit a Provincial Executive Officer to talk about your arranging around setting up an abattoir.

Taking care of for a Large Scale Pig Farming Business

The startup of a huge scope pig cultivating business ought to be arranged 100% effectively. Feed is the key and if not arranged effectively your business can implode very quickly. You have to haggle with feed providers to ensure you get the most ideal arrangement, and see more than one provider. Pig feed providers in SA frequently permit ranchers to purchase pig food on account and in spite of the fact that this is a help for starter ranchers you have to screen your piggery to ensure there is no feed squander. Ensure you store your feed in a dry store and use pesticide to fend kalanders and rodents off.

Free Range Pig Farming South Africa

Unfenced pig cultivating in SA is less expensive than serious pig cultivating yet numerous individuals beginning unfenced cultivating unexpectedly do exclude a taking care of plan. Pigs need something beyond minerals and low protein feed. You have to support their framework with calories and protein. Corn is an incredible wellspring of calories and grain is super feed for pigs with protein as high as 18% to 22%

One more significant reality to remember is that un fenced pigs take any longer to develop and you can anticipate that weaners should be prepared for butcher in around 8 to 9 months.

Pig Farming Avoid Mistakes by following this guide

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