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How to Transport Pigs in SA

You are allowed to transport pigs from one place to another provided you have the correct paperwork. We take a look at the regulations to transfer pigs from your farm to an abattoir or pigs that you have sold – How to Transport Pigs in SA with the correct paperwork.

When selling your pigs to another farm or instance the buyer needs to get a written letter from the Seller. This could be a form of typed letter document that you can download here.

Transport Permits for Pigs - Free Download

Reasons you Need a Letter of Transport

To protect livestock farmers from the theft of animals and animal produce
Monitoring the movement of animals through the borders of South Africa

No person who is or was employed by an owner or occupier of any land
shall remove any animal or animal produce owned by him or her or
under his or her control from any land owned or occupied by such owner
or occupier unless he or she is in possession of a document, furnished
by such owner or occupier or the agent of such owner or occupier
containing the following

What is a Letter of Transport

A transport permit is a document that allows you to transfer livestock to abattoirs or to the new owner or buyers property.

What should a Letter of Transport look like

  • Date not more than seven days before removal of livestock
  • The owner or sellers Identification number
  • The owner or sellers Contact Number
  • The owner or sellers Physical Address
  • Name of the Farm where the livestock is collected
  • An a approval given to the buyer or transporter to transport the live animals
  • A description from where to where the livestock will be transported
  • The identification number or I.D. number of the person collecting the livestock
  • The identification number or I.D. number of the driver collecting the livestock
  • Contact Details of the person collecting the animals.
  • The vehicle make and model that will be transferring the livestock
  • The vehicle and trailer registration number
  • A detailed description of what type of animal you are going to transport
  • The brand, tattoo or tag identification of the animals being transferred
  • Signatures of both the Seller and Buyer.

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How to Transport Pigs in SA

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