How to load pigs on a truck or trailer

How to load pigs

Pig farming has it’s challenges and one of them is to get pigs on a trailer of truck. We have decided to make a video on how easy it is if you have a sheep rail. Building a sheep rail is not hard if you cannot afford to buy one. Watch the video to see How to Load Pigs on a Trailer in Minutes.

What we have done as you would see in the video is to chase the pigs into the sheep den. Once we have sorted out the number of pigs that we want to transfer we push them through a press passage and then the loading rail.

These pigs do not have a lot of stress and there is no hard labour involved.

How to load pigs on a truck or trailer

Luckily for these pigs today we are not loading them to take to an abattoir but moving them to another land where they can free range on fodder and roots of plants. These sows will be used for breeding and will still have many happy years to roam on land.

We still need to feed them barley, corn and wheat to make sure that they get enough protein as the fodder (grass and other greens on the land) would not be enough. Once they have piglets we will give them extra feed and protein to ensure that they have enough rich milk for the piglets.

The piglets will stay with the sows for 2 months (normal practice is around 6 weeks but we like to keep them two week longer so they grow faster and are more healthier) before we move them to another camp where they will join other young pigs.

Also see our post on Transferring Pigs with a legal permit. You can download a free example of the permit on our website.

How to transfer pigs with a legal permit

Pig Farming South Africa – How to load pigs on a truck or trailer

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