How to get a Pig farming contract

How to get a Pig Farming Contract

How to get a Pig Farming Contract – Farming pigs is not as hard as many people think. You need to take care of them, feed them and make sure they have all needs they require such as heat and cold protection, enough water and their own space to farrow.

Selling pigs at the right price is probably the most challenging part of your business. Of course there are many ways to sell pigs in the form of your local abattoir and your customers. But what if you want to grow your business and start supplying big supermarket chains or butcheries or start Pig Farming Contracts

Contract Pig Farming

What is contract growing or contract farming?

Contract farming is when a company that owns a lot of pigs put their pigs in your building and pay you rent every single month. These companies usually employ their own Growers (a person that take care of the pigs) or you could farm for them

The method of contract growing is a smart idea introduced in the 90’s and as the land owner is a risk free entity as you don’t have any concern of loosing livestock or keeping up with feed costs.

Keep in mind that each company has different standards and rules of farming and some changes might occur on your farm. You should consider long term contracts when you do decide to go with Contract Farming as companies will probably make changes to your infrastructure and could include changing the building structure to suit their needs. Not complying with their rules could cost you your contract.

Contract Farmers will send a field guy or an inspector at least once a week if you are farming for retail companies and give you advise or to improve in certain areas where you are lacking.

One of the advantages of contract farming is that you don’t need to buy feed and that is one reason why a lot of farmers go out of business. You also don’t have market related stress as a contract farmer. Markets are up and down and you never know what you are going to get paid until the market has slaughtered and sold the pigs. You are still getting paid the amount that you have signed up with your contract.

This’ll Do Farm explain is this video what steps you exactly need to take when considering Contract Growing

  • Building Setup
  • Decease Control
  • Business Creditability
  • Caretaking of pigs

Also see our post on Transferring Pigs with a legal permit. You can download a free example of the permit on our website.

How to transfer pigs with a legal permit

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Pig Farming South Africa – Introducing Pig Farming Contracts in SA

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