Homemade Pig Feed

Best Homemade High Protein Pig Feed

When you buy feed for your pigs make sure that the protein levels are at least 16 to 20%. Pigs need a lot of protein in their diet. Best Homemade High Protein Pig Feed – We have been using this recipe for more than 5 years and our pigs grow from weaner stage to 90 kg in just 5 months.

Recipe for Pig feed per 1000 kg

  • Corn 250 kg or 25%
  • Barley 300 kg or 30%
  • Wheat 150 kg or 15%
  • Oats 100 kg or 10%
  • Canola 100 kg or 10%
  • Soybean 100 kg or 10%
  • 1 kg of course salt

You need to put all the ingredients through a hammer mill and mix well.

What Protein Sources is good for Pigs

Top protein sources that are good for the growth of your pig:

  • Barley
  • Wheat
  • Oats
  • Corn
  • Canola
  • Soybean


Barley is a valuable source of protein to a pigs diet. As a member of the grass family Barley is high in energy and contains up to 18% protein.


Wheat mixed with barley and corn is a rich in protein meal for pigs. Whole Wheat has a protein value of 12 to 18% and a fat value of 1.54 grams.


Oats also has a good source of protein 11 to 17% that can be use for pig feed. Oats is not a main source feed for pigs but can be used to mix with barley, wheat and corn.


Corn are not only high in protein and fibre, but has a lot of calories. Mixing corn in your pig feed will fatten them up fast. Corn has a protein value of 10 to 15%

Canola Seeds

Canola seeds is high in fat and protein. The protein value of canola seeds are 17 to 26% Canola cake is often used for animal feed and can be bought at agricultural stores.


Soybean contains extremely high protein values of 36 grams per 100 grams. You can mix soybean with all other grains to get a higher protein meal for your swines.

Best Homemade High Protein Pig Feed

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