Farming with Pigs in South Africa

10 Reasons to Farm with Pigs in South Africa

Many people want to start a farming business but are not sure what to go with. Pig, vegetable and chicken farming always cross their minds so today we are looking at 10 Reasons to Farm with Pigs in South Africa

Before we dig in you need a proper pig pen where they can sleep, eat and is easy enough to maintain. Pigs do not become lonesome and can live alone. The reason we are mention this is because a boar do not live with sow in the same pen. You also need to make sure your pen has enough room for the sow when she goes in labour.

10 reasons farm with pigs

  • Pig farming yields high profits
  • Pigs has up to 12 piglets twice a year
  • Pregnant sows only carries for 3 Months, 3 Weeks and 3 Days
  • You have multiple choices on how to farm with pigs
  • Free range pigs cost less to feed and has a better quality meat
  • Pigs are extremely easy to sell
  • Selling meat directly to the public is more profitable
  • Consumption of Pork products is in High Demand
  • Pigs are adaptable to almost any farms
  • Pigs grow very fast

Pig farming is profitable

With the high demand of pork meat in SA it is a good investment to start farming with pigs. Pigs is a fast grower and if you buy piglets you can start making a profit in around six months. A pregnant sow will give you around 12 piglets and if you decide to buy a pregnant pig you can start seeing some bigger profits in around 8 months. Buying a sow that is not pregnant and still needs to go to a boar will give you even a bigger return but the waiting period before you can start selling her offspring is around 10 to 11 months.

Pigs has up to 12 piglets twice a year

A good sow will give you 12 to 14 piglets twice a year. That being said it comes down to roughly 24 piglets per that you can sell 6 months after they have been born. If you decide to keep some piglets for future use you can grow your business rapidly. We started of with 1 boar and 10 sows and 3 and a half years later had 180 pigs. We still sold pigs monthly to carry the cost such as feed, iron and for worm prevention we used Dectomax.

Pregnant sows only carries for 3 Months, 3 Weeks and 3 Days

Unlike sheep or cattle farming, pig pregnancy only last 114 days or as pig farmers say 3 Months, 3 Weeks and 3 days. A sow becomes ready for breeding only 7 days after giving birth, but it is advisable to wait a little longer. This short pregnancy period will give your pig enough time to comfortably have two sets of litters per year.

10 Reasons to Farm with Pigs in South Africa

Multiple choices on how to farm with pigs

There are many ways to farm with pigs. There is a demand for weaners, pork and sausage pigs. These are some of the best ways you can make good money when farming with pigs.

  • Selling Weaners
  • Selling Boars
  • Selling Sows that is ready to bread
  • Selling to abattoirs
  • Selling meat to butcheries
  • Selling pork to supermarkets, shops and directly to the public
  • Making sausages and ham

Free range pigs cost less to feed and has a better quality meat

If you are in a position to do free range farming then go for it! Pigs love to dig for worms and roots and both is high in protein. You can save a lot of money on feed by free range pig farming. It is highly recommended to deworm free range pigs with a powder that is spread over their feed. This can be bought at your local Agriculture store.

Pigs are extremely easy to sell

We are fortunate enough to live in a country where people love pork. Bacon is a breakfast favorite and a weekend braai without pork is almost unheard of. There are many methods to sell your pigs but selling directly from your farm is the best way.

Abattoirs will always take your pigs as long as they are in a good healthy condition. The downside is that the market changes daily and you can not budget on a fixed amount.

Selling meat is more profitable

Selling meat from your farm or supplying supermarkets, shops and friends is much more profitable than selling live pigs. You can get your pigs slaughtered at an accredited abattoir and process the meat for selling to the public. You can sell whole carcasses to butcheries and they are always willing to buy freshly butchered pork as it is more profitable than buying from the meat markets.

Consumption of Pork products is in High Demand

Another good reason to farm with pigs is no matte where you are people need it. Pork is a healthy high protein meal and a very versatile product. Pork is used for bacon, casseroles, stews, braai’s, ribs and hams.

South Africa consumes more than 200 000 tones of pork per year.

Pigs are adaptable to almost any farms

Pigs can basically be farmed anywhere in South Africa.

Pigs also have a high resistance to diseases (these guys hardly get sick) and adapt easily to most environments (hot or cold). This makes it possible for pigs to be raised on both a small and large scale.

Due to this adaptability, pigs make great candidates for intensified or diversified agriculture that fits a wide range of budgets. It’s also important you know that pigs do not have sweat glands and have no way of cooling themselves when they get hot.

So they don’t die of heat exhaustion, pigs raised in the open often wallow in the mud as a way to cool down.

Pigs grow very fast

If these 9 reasons did not convince you why you should farm with pigs, maybe no.10 will. Pigs grow very fast. From a weaner pig to a 90 kg pig takes only 5 months. You can then grow them even more to become a sausage pig.

What makes pig farming unique is that there is a market for pigs at all ages of their lives. You can sell them as weaners, young pigs, boars, sows, growers and even as very large sausage pigs.

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10 Reasons to Farm with Pigs in South Africa

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